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Note From Organic Journey Candles

Our 11.5 ounce candles have been discontinued. We are no longer able to get American made, food safe jars from our manufacturer in the 11.5 ounce size. Offering a glass jar of less quality is not an option.

In order to compensate for this change, Organic Journey Candles is now offering their 27.25 ounce candle for only $20.00. With a burn time of 150+ hours, it is an exceptional value.

Our candles are ‘COMFORTABLY NAKED’

  • Free from colored dyes
  • Remain pure and natural
  • Match any décor

Our candles contain NO:

  • Stearic Acid
  • Animal Fat
  • Vybar

Our wax is 100% PURE soy wax

  • No dangerous chemicals, unlike paraffin wax
  • Proud to support American Farmers

Our fragrances are GENTLE yet STRONG

  • We use only the purest, highest quality blend of essential and fragrance oils
  • Gentle for your health, yet strong enough to scent your home

Organic Journey is committed to doing our part to PRESERVE OUR EARTH

  • Proud to be a recycling company
  • Reusable FOOD SAFE, American made designer jars; clean simply using soap and warm water

An annual donation will be made to the AMERICAN LIVER FOUNDATION from our Organic Journey profits

  • Organic Journey is committed to taking toxins seriously
  • Improving our HEALTH and our EARTH




Organic Journey's Gift To You

Soy Wax Candles Internet Special - Available NowOrganic Journey Candles is extending a special internet offer to our customers.

Buy two 27.25 oz candles and receive a 4 oz Tea Tin of our choosing at no additional charge. With a burn time of 20+ hours, it's an exceptional value.

We offer $7 flat rate shipping on all orders up to $100.

$6 Shipping* on Soy Wax Candles$7 Shipping*!

We offer flat rate $7 shipping on orders under $100 in the continental United States.

For orders over $100 please see our Buy Candles page for shipping costs. Costs will be displayed in the shopping cart upon checkout.

Why Soy Is So Important To Us:

Soy Wax Candle Tea TinsParaffin wax is a direct by-product of petroleum. When burned, it omits petro-chemicals into the air, harming both our environment and our health. We at Organic Journey refuse to add any amount of paraffin wax to our candles. They are all 100% PURE SOY WAX. We also find it unacceptable to help support our dependence on crude oil by purchasing paraffin wax from foreign countries. We use only pure soy wax that is American grown, because our environment, our health and our economy depends on it.