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About Us

Ursula's Organic Journey - 100% PURE Soy Wax CandlesMy Journey

When one of my family members was diagnosed with a severe liver condition, my life dimmed. I immediately began detoxifying my world. I came to realize the candles I had enjoyed for decades contained dangerous paraffin wax, so I changed my brand of candles…to my own. I created a high quality, strongly scented soy candle that I was very proud of, so I put my name on it.

All candle enthusiasts deserve a product that burns evenly, free of black paraffin soot, harsh chemicals, and for an honest price. More importantly, once every calendar year, my family will make a charitable donation from my Organic Journey profits to the American Liver Foundation. Life is no longer dim. It’s an interesting journey, and it’s all my own.

What is your journey?

Ursula Minich-Boutwell

My journey began when I became educated regarding the dangers of paraffin wax, and decided to do something about it. By creating 100% pure soy wax candles, I was able to make my home a healthier place for my family, educate others on the importance of burning pure soy candles and make an annual donation to the American Liver Foundation. It started off as a simple idea of how I could do my part to implement environmental change and wellbeing for others, and has recently taken on a life of its own.

Several reasons why we feel you should choose Organic Journey Candles

  • Our candles are in American made, food safe glass jars.

  • Our candles are made with only 100% pure soy wax.

  • Our candles are made with cotton wicks.

  • Our candles do not contain stearic acid. This chemical is commonly used to help wax harden. We have developed a special technique so our candles come out beautifully every time, without adding stearic acid.

  • Our candles are comfortably naked; we see no need to add artificial dyes.

  • Our candles burn evenly, purely and without black paraffin soot or residue.


We at Organic Journey have realized that when you create a quality, environmentally conscientious product, people notice. We would like to thank our repeat customers for taking a chance and believing in us and for coming back. It is the repeat customers that we are the most proud of.

Thank you for helping Organic Journey to grow into what it is today. It is quite the journey.

We hope you’ll take a moment to ask yourself, “What is my journey?”