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Soy Candle Tips

We at Organic Journey understand that it is very frustrating to spend money on a candle that does not burn well. If you can’t burn a candle from the outside edge all the way to the bottom, we believe you didn’t get what you paid for.

We have wick-tested every different fragrance, in every different jar we sell to make certain all of our candles burn properly. Soy wax is a slower burn than paraffin wax, making it more challenging to burn off the jar cleanly, so we make the effort to double wick all of our jar candles to give our customers a nice even burn.

Organic Journey created this Candle Tips page to help our customers enjoy their Organic Journey Candle from the first light to the last.

Here are a few general guidelines we recommend following when burning your Organic Journey Candle:

  • Every time you burn your candle, you must burn it until the entire top becomes liquid wax. Failure to do so could develop what is called a sinkhole. This is when a candle starts to burn down the center instead of out to the edges and then down.

  • How long does it take to get a liquid top? It varies with the size of the jar. Our 4oz Tea Tin takes approximately 3 hours, and the 27.25oz jar usually takes 2-4 hours.

  • When the entire top is liquid you can extinguish your candle, but you certainly do not have to.

  • When should I extinguish my candle? It is best to blow out your candle when there is approximately one inch of liquid wax. This helps to assure your candle does not get too hot, and helps your candle to last longer by allowing it to set-up again. How long your candle takes to get one inch of liquid also depends on candle size. The larger the candle, the longer time it will take for the liquid wax to get an inch deep.

  • When can I relight my Organic Journey Candle? It is best to wait until the wax has turned solid again before relighting it, usually within a few hours.

  • Before you relight your candle, it is necessary to trim your wicks down to ½ to ¼ inch. This will keep your flame from getting too large while burning, help to keep wick pieces from falling into your candle, and help your candle last even longer.

  • When your candle has approximately ½ inch of wax left in the bottom of the jar, it is best to extinguish it for the final time.

  • It is recommended to burn your candle in an area free from drafts.

  • Our most important tip: Never leave a burning candle unattended and please keep out of the reach of children.

Organic Journey encourages you to reuse your candle jars. Reuse my jar? Yes, please.

Organic Journey is a strong recycling company. Reusing our jars is a simple, fun way to help the environment. Soy wax easily washes out with soap and warm water.

Here are some simple ways to reuse your Organic Journey Candle jar:

  • Use it as a vase for flowers.

  • Since our jars are safe for food, they look elegant on a kitchen counter filled with coffee beans.

  • Give one to a friend filled with candy and tied with a bow.

  • Fill our jars with pens and pencils for your desk. It will remind you to ask yourself everyday—“What is my journey?”

  • Use your jar for stickers to reward your child for positive behavior. (Dawn, New Hampshire)

  • Put your jar on your bathroom counter filled with cotton balls or Q-tips. (Sarah, Maine)

  • Keep books of matches in your empty jars to light your next Organic Journey Candle. (Becky, Florida)

  • Use your empty jars for 'change' to make the 'journey' more exciting. (Lynda, New Hampshire)

  • Give it to your child's teacher for their desk to store 'Boxtops For Education' in. (Kristine, Virginia)

  • Put your change in it daily, then once a year donate it to your favorite charity. (Pauline, Maine)

  • I use my jar to hold fish food. I have also used it to hold a Beta Fish. A few rocks in the bottom, add water and a fish. (Hint: don't use lid!)     (Trisha, New Hampshire)

  • Some kind of Organic Journey Challenge! Use an empty jar for your change and when it's full spend the money on something that will help the environment, like shopping bags, recycling bins, washable water bottles,etc.  Or donate it to a charity of your choice.  (Melanie, Vermont) 

  • "Start Your Own Journey." Choose something that is important to you and save to support it!  (Robert, Texas)

  • I use mine as a prize jar for kids. Fill it up with something for acts of kindness.  (Michelle, New Hampshire)

  • My kids use my Organic Journey Candle jars to store their loose change in "Penny Saver".  When they fill it we bring it to the bank to deposit it.  I told them I'd match what they deposit.  My middle son "the saver of them all" folded up bills in the middle of his change.  After that match I had to specify "coins only"!  (Megan, New Hampshire)

  • I use my jars as yummy candy dishes.  (Heidi, Florida)

  • We put our Beta Fish in it!  (Danny and Allison Gonzalez (ages 5 and 7) and proud owners of Lucy and Alex the fish, Texas)

If you have any other thoughts or suggestions for fun jar uses, we would love to hear them. Please e-mail them to us. They may possibly be added to our website.

Natural Beauty

Organic Journey works very hard to keep our candles as pure and chemical-free as possible, so please accept any slight blemishes as part of our candle's natural beauty. Our candles contain no vybar, dyes, stearic acid or animal fat of any kind. All of our candles produce a fragrant, high-quality burn.